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The big race at Aintree is one of the highlights of the sporting calendar, with millions staked each year. And punters will be able to take in the action, and see if their bets come in, live in Exchange Square. The race has this year returned to ITV for the first time in 32 years as part of a four-year deal to show horse racing on terrestrial TV. Read More This video will tell you which horse to bet on in the Grand National - randomly And the channel has teamed up with media companies Goodstuff and Ocean Outdoor to erect a screen to screen to allow shoppers and those out and about to catch the must-see race. A live countdown timer will proceed the showing of the race on the screen above the entrance to the Printworks, at 5.15pm. There will be similar screenings in Aintrees home city of Liverpool, and in London. Ed Ross, head of marketing and media at ITV said: The Randox Health Grand National is truly the race that stops the nation. We are hugely excited to be screening this in such a unique way to as many people as possible. Read More The Grand National 2017: Betting odds, favourites, runners list and start time Laura Moorcraft, business director at Goodstuff said: The Randox Health Grand National is the one race in the calendar that transcends racing, appealing to a huge number of people beyond the sports fan base. We cant wait to see it on the big screens. Definitely is the current 10/1 favourite for the race which has a prize money in excess of 1 million.

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